Attracting Talent – Bait & Catch

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I think the best thing about fishing is when you adjust your bait after being out on the lake for hours and then catching that big fish you’d been waiting for all day. Attracting Talent is a lot like fishing. You have to know where to find talent first but when you find that talent how are you going to attract them to consider your job opportunity and your company.  The fish doesn’t care that you’re looking for a certain type of fish with certain length and girth. The fish doesn’t care about your qualifications. The fish cares about the bait. I think Top Talent Acquisition professionals need to invest more time in ensuring they have the right bait/environment and resources instead of qualifications and cultural fit. Don’t get me wrong these things are very important in assessing the right talent but it doesn’t mean much if you can’t attract the right talent first.

In order to attract the right Healthcare talent to your organization you have to have the right bait. Most healthcare professionals are looking for the following factors before they consider a new healthcare position.

  1. Opportunity to work with a top healthcare team that cares about them as well as their patients.
  2. Being prepared to define what patient centered care means to your organization and how your team delivers this care.
  3. The latest technology and the ability to learn and grow in your profession while learning how to use the latest healthcare technology and skills.
  4. Compensation and Benefits that allow healthcare professionals and their family to enjoy life after the work day is done.

How do you ensure you have the right bait to attract the talent you need? Invest in identifying the best talent in your organization for a healthcare role and the best talent outside your organization. Ask both the internal candidates and external candidates what are the top factors that they look for that would attract them away from their current role?

Invest in the right bait and help your leaders understand that the statement “There’s other fish in the sea” doesn’t mean anything if you can’t attract them to your organization.

Good luck fishing for the right healthcare talent!!!

KNK Recruiting is a Hospital and Healthcare RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) firm. We partner with Hospitals, Home Health, Long Term Care, and Specialized Healthcare Service organizations to help them analyze and improve their recruitment processes to ensure their business needs are met. We offer Talent Sourcing Consultants and Talent Recruiting Consultants to help with all or some of the following areas:

Attracting Talent = Sourcing & Screening (how are we doing at attracting talent?)

Assessing Talent  = Interviewing (are our assessments leading to interviews? &  are our candidates interviewing well enough to be brought on board?)

Landing Talent = Selecting & Hiring (have we made a good match between the candidate and employer?)

Retaining Talent = Candidate & Hiring Mgr. Satisfaction (how are we doing at engaging talent? & have our client and candidate developed a long- term relationship?)

…all with the goal of continuous improvement and the best possible outcomes for our clients and candidates.

If your company is limited on staff or time to address the important recruiting and retention areas discussed please contact us today at  513-444-2089 so we can schedule a consultation.





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