Hiring Again? What do candidates experience?


The hiring process can be cumbersome, particularly when workloads are already high.    Amidst the workload of posting positions, sifting through applications, defining requirements and scheduling interviews, often the process takes a back seat to achieving the goal.   How many times does a candidate go for weeks without contact from your organization?  More often than we like to admit.

But what about candidates who aren’t quite right for your job opening?  Your applicant pool and target candidates are very much like your customers, they are essential for your survival.

Practicing excellent “customer service” with your applicants has a positive impact on your current and future candidate pool.  With a client, you would learn more about their current state, needs and future goals, seek referrals and of course, communicate the status of any mutual interests.   Since the majority of applications received are not a fit for your opening, it is far too easy to let those applicants fall through the cracks.  Making a positive impression by communicating directly with your applicants, sharing information and following up with applicants can add value to your organization’s applicant pool and brand as an employer.    Applicants have colleagues, friends, and associates who may be or become applicants or even customers.    A bad experience with your organization will significantly reduce the likelihood of that person or their associates utilizing your services, and may impact your applicant pool.

I recently contacted a highly qualified candidate for a position opening in healthcare administration.  She informed me that she had applied previously, interviewed and had not heard back within a reasonable time frame so she took another position.  I don’t know if she would have been hired for that opening but clearly she was a high performer and had great potential for this company.    It is difficult to sell a candidate on an organization that did not follow up.  The process failed and as a result, she did not feel valued.

Candidates impact your applicant pool and your brand as an employer.    Making a positive impression on your applicants is essential in this competitive market for top talent.   It is not merely a matter of whether a candidate gets hired.  Candidates can be a great referral source and part of your positive company image in the community even when they are not hired, if you treat them with great customer service practices by giving them valued responses.    Everyone knows people.  Take the time to build a relationship with your candidate pool and it will pay off in one way or another.  Investing in your hiring process is key to ensuring you have the right employees to help you achieve your strategic objectives.

My friend Sheryl relayed her experience in applying for a part time position with a non -profit organization.  She received an initial call, a follow up call from the hiring manager informing her the position was now a full time opening which was discussed and one more call letting her know that they had hired “an excellent candidate who more than met their expectations”.     While Sheryl was disappointed, she also felt valued.   She has subsequently checked their website for openings and has referred two friends for open positions.   One of the referrals resulted in a hire.   Now certainly every applicant may not bring you a hire but referrals are a great way to tap into the passive job market.

Your brand as an employer is a culmination of several components that impact your ability to bring on and retain top talent.   The hiring process is an opportunity, don’t miss it!

KNK Recruiting is solely focused on recruitment and the hiring process.  This means, we can maximize the benefits of the hiring process: create effective job postings,  source passive job seekers, screen, and assist in selection while building positive relationships with potential candidates.   Outsourcing recruitment is cost effective particularly when there are fluctuations