Assessing Talent – Prove Yourself & Tell Me Your Story!

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The proof is in the pudding right? Does anyone really know what that means? My research shows if you really want to know about something you have to test; or in the case of pudding taste to see if it’s good.  How do you ensure you’re getting the right pudding when looking for healthcare talent? What’s the story to determine great pudding?

Great story tellers capture the attention of everyone around them, and a great talent acquisition leader learns the story of great talent.

Asking someone how many years of experience or if they’ve had exposure to a particular medication, method, or software is okay to do;  but  do you really understand if they know or can prove they know what they’ve been exposed too?


Prove Yourself By Telling Me A Story. It’s important for talent acquisition professionals to be able to appropriately assess talented healthcare professionals in the following four areas: 1) Abilities, 2) Accomplishments, 3) Passion & Drive, and 4) Learning Development.


Abilities – As a Talent Acquisition Leader it’s extremely important to understand the abilities of a specific profession/role you need to fill for your organization and assessing those individuals full potential/abilities.  For example as a Critical Care Nurse an individual needs to be able to prove their knowledge of monitoring and safeguarding the patient’s quality of care.

Proving:  How do you monitor and safeguard the quality of care for a patient?

Tell Me A Story:  Give me a specific example of how you carried out inspections and focused on supporting the patient and the patient’s family?  Follow-Up question – Explain when it went bad and when it went extremely well.


Accomplishments: The accomplishments of an individual in the past are an example of their potential success. A successful healthcare professional that is experienced should be able to articulate their accomplishments. The accomplishments can be as an individual or as part of a team.

Proving:  Do you have any accomplishments as a critical care nurse that you’d like to discuss?

Tell Me A Story: Tell me about the greatest accomplishment that you obtained that had the biggest impact on patient care.


Passion & Drive:  Understanding what motivates and what an individual is passionate about can determine the impact they will have on others internally and externally.

Proving:  What motivates you to do what you do and why are you interested in this position?

Tell Me A Story: Tell me how you decided to go into critical care nursing and what will it take for you to be the best at what you do.


Learning Development:  The way in which an individual displays the capability to learn and sharpen their skills will determine their ability to grow and lead others to accomplish great things.

Proving: – When is the last time you learned a new skill and how did it impact you or others?

Tell Me A Story:  Tell me how you typically learn a new skill or process, and the last time you learned a new skill that had the greatest impact on patient care.

Assessing talent is about asking the right questions; and ensuring that you’re listening to the answers you need to hear versus the ones you want to hear.  Good luck & happy assessing!



KNK Recruiting is a Hospital and Healthcare RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) firm. We partner with Hospitals, Home Health, Long Term Care, and Specialized Healthcare Service organizations to help them analyze and improve their recruitment processes to ensure their business needs are met. We offer Talent Sourcing Consultants and Talent Recruiting Consultants to help with all or some of the following areas:

Attracting Talent = Sourcing & Screening (how are we doing at attracting talent?)

Assessing Talent  = Interviewing (are our assessments leading to interviews? &  are our candidates interviewing well enough to be brought on board?)

Landing Talent = Selecting & Hiring (have we made a good match between the candidate and employer?)

Retaining Talent = Candidate & Hiring Mgr. Satisfaction (how are we doing at engaging talent? & have our client and candidate developed a long- term relationship?)


…all with the goal of continuous improvement and the best possible outcomes for our clients and candidates.


If your company is limited on staff or time to address the important recruiting and retention areas discussed please contact us today at  513-444-2089 so we can schedule a consultation.





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