End-to-End Healthcare RPO Solutions

Shaping the future of healthcare staffing across the Midwest.

KNK Is a Total RPO Provider

Our end-to-end healthcare RPO solutions offer a comprehensive and strategic approach to recruiting to meet the unique recruitment needs of the healthcare sector and help attract and engage the perfect candidates.

End-to-End RPO Services Include:

Strategic Job Analysis
Our team conducts an in-depth analysis of your healthcare organization’s roles to ensure the job descriptions we craft hit the mark every time. Our strategic job analysis examines the specific qualifications and skills needed for each role.

Job Postings That Attract
We transform your job postings into stand-out reflections of your organization’s values and culture. By communicating growth opportunities and organizational ethos, we draw in the upper echelon of healthcare professionals—those eager to advance and align with your mission.

Employment Marketing & Branding
Develop a magnetic employment brand with KNK Recruiting. Leveraging advanced marketing techniques, we showcase your institution’s unique narrative—showcasing values, culture, and opportunities—to attract and retain top healthcare talent committed to their field.

Proactive Talent Pipeline Development
Be prepared for anything with a deep reserve of healthcare talent you can call upon as needed. Your talent pipeline will ensure you are never caught short-handed—you’ll have access to a pipeline of highly qualified candidates ready to step in seamlessly as your staffing needs evolve.

Sourcing & Screening
In healthcare staffing, conventional sourcing no longer suffices. With our innovative strategies and rigorous screening processes, we delve into candidates’ competencies and character, ensuring alignment with your organizational values and a harmonious team fit.

Selection & Hiring
KNK tailors the selection process to your specific needs. We conduct in-depth interviews, skills assessments, and behavioral evaluations to ensure each healthcare hire is not just qualified on paper but also the perfect fit for your team.

Verification Process
Our end-to-end healthcare RPO solutions include verification of relevant licenses, employment history and references. We leave no stone unturned in our commitment to provide a comprehensive overview of each healthcare candidate’s professional background and qualifications.

Onboarding Management
The transition from hiring to onboarding is an essential step. KNK Recruiting ensures a warm, efficient welcome for new hires—setting a foundation for immediate engagement and long-term positive contributions to your healthcare organization.

Transparent Recruitment Metrics
Data isn’t the only way to measure success, but it’s an important factor to consider. We provide a range of recruitment metrics to track and analyze essential performance indicators, providing transparent insights into the effectiveness of our strategies for your healthcare organization.