KNK Recruiting Launches a New Website


Looking to bring more attention from health care providers and candidates across Ohio to its well established RPO service, KNK Recruiting is happy to announce that it has launched a new website.

Working with Haley Marketing Group of Buffalo, NY, the new site features a welcoming blue and green color palette with easy dropdown navigation that allows healthcare clients and job seekers to easily find the information they need to decide to work with the experts at KNK. Hospitals, facilities and medical organizations will gain an understanding of how the RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) model will help them manage their hiring budgets, hire better professionals and provide better care to their patients. Physicians, nurses, allied healthcare staff, facility managers and non-clinical professionals will have access to exceptional career opportunities.

A regularly updated blog providing healthcare industry insight, career and hiring tips and news along with testimonials from employers and candidates alike round out the beautiful new site for KNK Recruiting.

Learn more about how you can benefit from healthcare RPO services and have a look at KNK Recruiting’s new site!