What Keeps Hiring Leaders Up at Night

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Are you  dealing with constant recruiting questions from senior leadership with limited solutions? Do you know that your recruiting short comes are affecting your company’s ability to meet the demands of your hospital or healthcare organization? Are you or someone in your department analyzing the effectiveness of recruiting and retention within your company? The impact of healthcare talent shortage and the increasing departure of baby boomers from the workforce is keeping a lot of senior healthcare leaders up at night. If you fall into this category call KNK Recruiting for help.

Below is insight on top recruiting and retention areas to evaluate. If you feel you have limited time or resources to address these areas please contact us to discuss.

Question #1: Why is it taking your department so long to fill openings?

Why is this important? The bottom line is the time to fill an opening greatly impacts revenue to the organization.  There’s just no other way around it. The longer a position remains unfilled, and the longer it takes to find a replacement (not to mention the time it will take to train a new hire), directly impacts the bottom line.

Also, if the hiring process is delayed you could lose key talent to other recruiters who are more efficient. Remember, top candidates are being called on by your competition so your message about your company/culture, the role/department, career growth are crucial to filling a position with the right talent.  Also, the longer the recruiting process takes, the colder the candidate becomes. This creates the need for “sense of urgency recruiting methods” and “exceptional candidate experiences” to make sure you get them through the process as quickly as possible.

Methods towards a solution: 1) Identifying Right Fit and Needs – Discussing the role and what impact the role has on your organization and understanding the skills and traits needed to be successful in the role.  2) Defining Appropriate Talent Resources per Role – Where do top talent come from to fill a role? It’s important to track and measure past sourcing resources. Successful sourcing and recruiting comes from knowing what resources are effective and which are not both internally and externally.  3) Know Your Talent Pipeline & Ensure Exceptional Candidate Experience – Having an effective talent database with notes on past and passive candidates is key. Using the notes and providing relevant and timely feedback to candidates is a necessity for exceptional candidate experience.

Question #2: Are your hiring managers satisfied with the recruitment process and quality of hires?

Why is this important? Involving the hiring manager through a consultative approach before, during, and after a position has been filled  boosts the odds of hiring a better suited candidate that is less likely to result in turnover.   Many recruiters feel that once they submit so many candidates to a hiring manager their job is over.  Communication with hiring manager, department/candidates peers, and the candidate/new hire will allow for a successful recruitment process, satisfied hiring manager, and a quality hire.

Methods towards a solution:  1) Developing a rapport with the hiring manager  – this ensures everyone is on the same page with the role, department, and department expectations. 2) Satisfaction Surveys –  You can even make the process a two-way street and have recruiters survey the managers and manager’s survey recruiters. This drives a level of partnership, leaving both parties to feel as though they’re in the process together and need to work with one another to drive results. I recommend using surveys, follow-up calls, and check-ins to measure performance often. Consider setting the stage that there will be a survey, and a scoring system.  I’d recommend having conversations throughout the process, sharing data all along the way. If you set a recruiting/hiring goal, and you hit the goal, make sure you discuss that the goal was met or exceeded.


KNK Recruiting is a Hospital and Healthcare RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) firm. We partner with Hospitals, Home Health, Long Term Care, and Specialized Healthcare Service organizations to help them analyze and improve their recruitment processes to ensure their business needs are met. We offer Talent Sourcing Consultants and Talent Recruiting Consultants to help with all or some of the following areas:


Attracting Talent = Sourcing & Screening (how are we doing at attracting talent?)

Assessing Talent  = Interviewing (are our assessments leading to interviews? &  are our candidates interviewing well enough to be brought on board?)

Landing Talent = Selecting & Hiring (have we made a good match between the candidate and employer?)

Retaining Talent = Candidate & Hiring Mgr. Satisfaction (how are we doing at engaging talent? & have our client and candidate developed a long- term relationship?)


…all with the goal of continuous improvement and the best possible outcomes for our clients and candidates.


If your company is limited on staff or time to address the important recruiting and retention areas discussed please contact us today at  513-444-2089 so we can schedule a consultation.





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