What A Job Candidate Wants To Know Before They Apply

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Stages of The Application Process

Job candidates are no different than consumers when making a decision to buy a product or service. Both go through stages before they make a decision. The stages involve 1. Awareness Stage 2. Consideration Stage and 3. Interest Stage. This means that candidates like consumers will need to see or hear messages that assist them in moving through the different stages.

Please review the information below that all employers should consider sharing with potential job candidates during the three stages.

Awareness Stage

  • Salary/Hourly Rate Range
  • Benefits
  • Key Aspects of Role: Qualifications & Responsibilities
  • Shifts/Work Hours
  • Remote/On-Site
  • Safety of Work Environment
  • Commute Time
  • Leadership Style of Reporting Supervisor
  • Opportunity for Career & Personal Growth

Consideration Stage

  • Engagement of Staff in Department
  • The Makeup of Roles Within The Department
  • Culture & Mission & Vision of Organization
  • Type of Services or Products the Organization Offers
  • Does Candidate Know Someone Who Works or Use to Work for the Organization?

Interest Stage

  • What’s the Percentage of People that Get Promoted from Within the Department and Organization?
  • Why do People Typically Stay within the Role/Department/Organization?
  • Why do People Typically Leave the Role/Department/Organization?
  • What’s the Retention/Turnover within the Role/Department/Organization?
  • What type of Technology or Equipment will the Candidate use in the Role/Department?
  • What’s the Typical Day in the Life of the Role/Department?
  • What type of Projects might the Candidate Support in this Role/Department?
  • What Skills are Needed to Be successful in this Role Now/Needed in the Future?

**The goal is to get qualified candidates to the Apply Stage

If your healthcare organization is struggling to increase your pool of qualified applicants, please connect with KNK Recruiting today. We’d be happy to work with you to develop appropriate RPO solutions that meet your needs to improve your applicant/candidate pool.

KNK Recruiting is a Hospital and Healthcare RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) firm. We partner with Hospitals, Home Health, Long Term Care, and Specialized Healthcare Service organizations to help them analyze and improve their recruitment processes to ensure their business needs are met. We offer Talent Sourcing Consultants and Talent Acquisition Consultants to help with all or some of the following areas:

Attracting Talent = Sourcing & Screening (how are we doing at attracting talent?)

Assessing Talent = Interviewing (are our assessments leading to interviews? Are our candidates interviewing well enough to be brought on board?)

Landing Talent = Selecting & Hiring (have we made a good match between the candidate and employer?)

Retaining Talent = Candidate & Hiring Mgr. Satisfaction (how are we doing at engaging talent? Have our client and candidate developed a long-term relationship?)

…all with the goal of continuous improvement and the best possible outcomes for our clients and candidates.

If your company is limited on staff or time to address the important recruiting and retention areas discussed please contact us today at 513-276-4656 so we can schedule a consultation.





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