About KNK Recruiting

KNK Recruiting was started in 2009. Matt Baker Founder/President & CEO founded the company to realize his vision of providing a better healthcare recruitment alternative for both candidates and hiring leaders throughout the Midwest. Providing RPO services in the Midwest to benefit both employers and candidates is what we do best. We’re experts in healthcare recruiting in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Our Mission

To be talent acquisition leaders and consultants who consistently strive to ensure top hospital and healthcare talent are connecting with the right job opportunities. We will ensure that value-added RPO services in the Midwest are being offered, tracked, and measured to deliver state-of-the-art solutions in the following areas:

  • Analyzing current recruiting initiatives and suggesting improvements
  • Attracting top talent to right job opportunities
  • Assessing talent matches for candidates and employers
  • Landing talent over competition
  • Engaging and retaining talent to increase workforce productivity
  • Survey candidates, new hires, and employers to ensure mutual satisfaction levels are obtained

The KNK Recruiting Philosophy

We treat our candidates and employers like family, executing on the following four principles in every interaction:


Deliver what we promise – ensuring the right talent connects with the right job opportunities.

Understand hospital and healthcare recruiting. Our Talent RPO Consultants attract, assess, engage, and retain right talent for the right job opportunities.

Listen to your challenges and offer solutions that best fit your needs as either a candidate or a hiring leader.


Put your career and/or business needs first.

Stay up-to-date as healthcare and hospital recruiting experts.

Offer new and creative alternatives to meet personal and organizational goals.


Ensure the growth and development of individuals and organizations.

Improve and perfect methods of recruiting and retaining talent to benefit candidates and hiring leaders.

Build long-lasting relationships with physicians, nursing, allied health, hospital and healthcare leadership, and non-clinical top talented professionals.


Maintain consistent satisfaction of candidates, new hires, and clients.

Meet and exceed industry healthcare recruiting metrics

Align internal goals to the goals of candidates and clients

…and we can prove it.

KNK Recruiting assesses each interaction we have with our clients and candidates by measuring:

  • Qualified Candidate to Screen Ratio (how are we doing at attracting talent)
  • Screen to Interview Ratio (are our assessments leading to interviews?)
  • Interview to Offer Ratio  (are our candidates interviewing well enough to be brought on board?)
  • Offer to Hire Ratio (have we made a good match between the candidate and employer?)
  • Accepting Position & Engagement Data (how are we doing at engaging talent?)
  • Leaving Position & Management Data (have our clients and candidates developed a long-term relationship?)
  • Candidate Talent Acquisition Satisfaction (are our candidates happy with their new positions?)
  • Hiring Manager Talent Acquisition Satisfaction (have we made our clients happy?)

…all with the goal of continuous improvement and the best possible outcomes for our clients and candidates.

When looking for RPO services in the Midwest, look for a partner who’s invested in your success.

We offer solutions for healthcare recruiting all across the Midwest for clients and candidates. Let KNK handle some or all of your sourcing, screening, recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of healthcare talent.

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